Why Small Youth Group?

Most resources for youth ministry are focused on larger churches. Small youth group is different. It’s not for the youth leaders in churches with big budgets, lots of trained leaders, and auditoriums full of students. Those churches are great, but most churches are not like that.

This site is for you, the leader of a youth group in a smaller church. You may be a volunteer, part-time, or full-time, but you are investing in your life in a group of students that all know you personally. As you know, you face some challenges in a small church. Students can often be attracted to programs that feature smoke machines, laser lights, and well-known speakers and singers. Your church may be struggling to keep the lights on. Students often like the energy of being in a group of hundreds (or thousands) of teenagers. If everyone shows up, your group may have less than 10 students.

However, small youth groups have some unique benefits:

1. Students in small youth groups have the opportunity to know everyone in the group and know them well.

2. Students in small youth groups have a greater sense of community with the entire church.

3. Students in small youth groups have more opportunity to shape what their youth ministry does.

4. Students in small youth groups have a greater opportunity to participate in the leadership of their church.

PLUS . . . the greatest asset of your church’s youth ministry is YOU! Like Moses, you may feel like you don’t speak very well. You may feel as harassed as David. And, like Peter, you may struggle to keep your eyes on Christ when you step out in faith. But, God has called you to make disciples. He has entrusted you with a group of teenagers, few though they are. You get to participate with Him in what He is doing in their lives. When teenagers see the passion of Christ in your life, God will draw them to Himself. Parents will be challenged to make their homes a place of faith. And your church will grow in their value of teenagers.

This website is a place for you . . . the leader of youth group of less than 20 students. We want to help you maximize the advantages, overcome the limits, and avoid the pitfalls of leading students in a small youth group.

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