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Building a Youth Ministry Team

The Story of Christ

I started reading through A Simplified Harmony of the Gospels by George W. Knight for several months in my quiet times. On a recent trip to Peru, a friend and I read brief passages with notes over breakfast each morning. We happened to be focused on the trial, crucifixion, and burial of Jesus. On the day we read about Jesus calling out, “It is finished,” and giving up His Spirit, I couldn’t help but stop and allow a few tears to run down my face. I know, teenagers today are hesitant to accept on narrative that defines their lives. They dance between a world that calls them to fulfill all their desires and dreams, and a faith that calls them to a life of restraint and even sacrifice. [read now]

Paul G. Kelly is President and Founder of SmallYouthGroup.com, an on-line ministry for youth leaders in smaller churches. He also serves as Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

Resources for Small Youth Groups

The Gospel Project:

We’re intrigued by this new 3-year, Christ-centered curriculum from LifeWay. It attempts to teach students the truths of Scripture with Christ being central to every study. It includes more help in teaching than you will ever be able to use. Most importantly, the editors and writers attempt to handle Scripture in a way that helps students have a long, capturing gaze on Christ. Check it out.

8-Week Bible Study for Students

The young disciple, John Mark, painted a clear but startling picture of Jesus in his short Gospel, the Gospel of Mark. This 8-week interactive study for small groups of teenagers will help them see Jesus as they never have before. Every lesson is designed to let you teach in the way youth learn best. And each session is tailored for a smaller group with teenagers of different ages in the same class. Includes background study for teachers, teaching plans, and student worksheets. Download it and use it this week. [Buy Now]